Friday, June 4, 2010


If students are looking for spelling help at home, a fabulous spelling software called SpellQuizzer is available for parents to purchase. Here are the great key features:

  • SpellQuizzer doesn't require an open Internet connection. Many parents prefer not to have their young children working on a computer with an open Internet connection due to all the undesirable material that is on the Internet.
  • With SpellQuizzer you can make spelling lists for literally any words (or even facts) you wish your child to practice with. The recordings you make are in your voice rather than a stranger's. And you can personalize the recordings and even make them funny with an amusing sentence or funny voice.
  • A person who purchases a license for SpellQuizzer has the software for life, and is not dependent on a website.

You can learn more about the program at There's a video demo you can watch at and a community site where SpellQuizzer users can share their spelling lists with one another ( Finally, there's a page targeted to homeschooling families at

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