Thursday, June 3, 2010

Spelling City is a free spelling website that makes teaching spelling exciting. SpellingCity provides students a simple online way to take a practice spelling test. But that is only the beginning...

With SpellingCity's online spelling games, simplicity of creating and saving lists, activities that teach word meaning and writing skills, and ease and fun of use, your students will learn their weekly spelling words with unprecedented enthusiasm. You can watch the teacher training videos to see how it works.

Here are some of the things teachers can do:

  • Upload word lists one week at a time or for the whole year

  • Customize sentences

  • Share and import lists

  • Teach spelling, vocabulary, and word meaining with interactive games

  • Print worksheets to practice handwriting, spelling and vocabulary

  • Print spelling lists and games

  • Give practice and final spelling tests

  • Access an extensive list of resources for teachers, including compound words, sight/Dolch words, literature-based word lists, sound-alike words, and much more.

  • Send home letters in English and Spanish to parents explaining how to use Spelling City

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