Thursday, February 25, 2010

The truth about drives...

Why do we have different drives in our network? What is the difference between the drives? It may seem confusing, but check out the characteristiscs of each drive below:

J: drive or your personal drive~ This drive lets you store documents so they can easily be accessed ONLY by the person who is logged into the computer.

X: drive or the "Common Drive"~ This drive lets the administration and business offices save important documents that the whole district will need to access.

Y: drive or the "Turn-In Drive"~Students can submit work into this drive, but only the teacher will be able to access their work to grade it (Students will not be able to access their work again once it is in this drive). Teachers cannot submit anything into the Turn-in drive.

Z: drive or the "Assignments Drive"~This drive allows teachers and CIT's to store lessons so the entire school can have access. It is divided into grade level folders.

Now, you are a drive pro!

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