Wednesday, February 17, 2010

iTunes in the Classroom WITHOUT an iPod!

GUESS WHAT?!? You do not need to have iPods in your class to enjoy iTunes! You just need a computer!

iTunes in the classroom has proven to be helpful and engaging tool. Think about how much you enjoy your own iTunes in your free time... Now think about how much fun your students... and YOU can have in your classroom!

Having iTunes in the classroom will allow you access to numerous Podcasts, music videos, and resources. Think about the student who always finishes work early... Next time you are thinking of something for them to do, try having them listen to a podcast or watch an educational film. What have you got to loose?

Here is a FANTASTIC website I have found that will walk you through the steps of incorporating iTunes into your class: .

Before you begin using iTunes in your classroom, you will need to submit a work order upload the software from the iTunes website. Then, you can begin experiencing the wonderful-ness of iTunes!

Here are some resources once you begin:

iTunes Features:

iTunes help for teachers:

How to create an iTunes Account Without a Credit Card:

Lesson ideas:

*A special thanks to Tami Martins and Nancy Garvey, the creators of the helpful website that made this blog possible.

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