Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Digital Storytelling

How to tell a story... DIGITALLY!

BRAINSTORM: Think of a topic and purpose for writing a story.

RESEARCH: Collect dramatic images and purposeful audio clips from online sites that relate to your topic and save them in a folder. ***Make sure audio files are not copyrighted. Some good royalty free music can be found at danosongs.com

MAKE AN OUTLINE: Write an outline in Microsoft Word of the images you will use and the audio/music clips you will include. You can also write a script if you would like to use a computer microphone to narrate the story.

PREPARE A ROUGH DRAFT: Begin putting your story together in Photo Story.

EDIT/PEER EDIT: Look over the story and make sure it is well told and well put together. Have a buddy do the same.

PUBLISH: Finalize your digital story by saving it as a Windows Media Video (.wmv) file.

SHARE: Present the story to the class (and email it to your CIT so she can see it, too)!

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