Monday, May 10, 2010

I got an Elmo in my class... Now what?!?!?!

Creative ideas for integrating an Elmo into your daily instruction:
  1. Student newscasts or skits (turn the camera up so it is filming the kids)
  2. Enlarging pictures and text in literature so students can follow along
  3. Showing and scoring student or sample work with a rubric
  4. Literary puppet shows
  5. Show students how to do assigned work
  6. Demonstrate math manipulatives
  7. Use it like a projection microscope to view objects up close in math or science
  8. Demonstrate steps in an assignment
  9. Show 3-dimensional objects
  10. Sharing student work allows for motivation and immediate feedback
  11. Model notetaking
  12. Student reports (show and tell, book reports, ext.)
  13. Read alouds
  14. Creative writing-add a line
  15. Handwriting on board-follow the leader

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